Ridgelake Recognition Program “Takes the Cake”

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When CNO Lorelei DeLaCruz, R.N., MSNed, saw a “knead” for more associate recognition at Complex Care Hospital at Ridgelake, she cooked up a pretty sweet idea.

“Initially I wanted to thank a nurse who went to the store and, with her own money, purchased cups for patients and visitors,” Lorelei explained. “With the bankruptcy filing, supplies were sometimes not available, this was one of them. I thought ‘she really takes the cake’ because she did something so simple yet so helpful. Who else would do that on their own that isn’t a manager or told to do so? Probably not many. So I bought her a cake and had the bakery write ‘Leigh Takes the Cake.’ And the award was born!”

Since June, the monthly award has “frosted” a renewed sense of pride and ownership. Lorelei notes that anyone on the staff can nominate a peer who they believe has gone above and beyond. Along with the cake, the honoree receives a card thanking them for improving the patient experience, a lunch ticket and a petal pin.

“The entire staff have been shocked and excited,” she explained. “No one knows when or who it will be, except the HR Business Partner and me, until it actually happens. We present it during Huddle, because all disciplines are there to witness it. The award recipient gets to share their cake with their co-workers, who see that the smallest things can make a big impact and that can really inspire others to do more.”

So far, two nurses – Leigh Yakich and Sarah Magro – have received the award. She’s looking forward to recognizing even more associates.

Lorelei believes it’s important to recognize, reward and motivate associates to do better each day.

“Employees want to feel valued and like they matter,” she said. “They work hard every day to ensure our patients and their families are well cared for. We want to be sure they feel taken care of too.”

Way to CREATE It, Lorelei! And, congratulations to Leigh and Sarah! Thanks for demonstrating our values in all that you do.

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