Celebrating the Faces of LifeCare Awardees

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Associates and executives recently had the opportunity to celebrate and thank the LifeCare “Fab Five” – our first Faces of LifeCare Award winners.

Megan Veitenheimer (OWN It), Danielle Gray (PERSONALIZE It), Konjeta Benjamin (BLUR It), Dari Immediato (RESPECT It) and Karla Keese (CREATE It) traveled to the Support Center in Plano, Texas for a day of celebration, including lunch with the Executive Committee, a reception with the LMS associates, a private tour of the Dallas Cowboys Training Facility and dinner at the Cowboy Club with executives.

“Each of these award recipients has made some innovative and inspirational contributions to patient care across LifeCare,” said CEO Jim Murray.  “We’re so glad to be able to honor them for their great work.”

Check out photos from the day below. And click on each person’s story to learn more about why they were nominated.


Dari Immediato, EVS Tech at LifeCare Hospitals of North Carolina, earned the award for RESPECT It. “Part of the value definition is ‘we trust and support one another.’ I can’t think of a better example than Dari,” Jim said.
LifeCare Hospitals of North Carolina, earned the award for PERSONALIZE It. “She brings so much joy and warmth, which is a key component of our value, PERSONALIZE It,” Jim said.
Monitor Tech at LifeCare Hospitals of North Carolina, earned the award for BLUR It. “You’ll never hear Konjeta say ‘that’s not my job,’” Jim said.  “Her work ethic is outstanding and we’re so proud that she has demonstrated the value BLUR It for so long.”
Karla Keese, Pharmacist at LifeCare Hospitals of Plano, earned the award for CREATE It. “Part of the definition of CREATE It is that ‘we think outside the box and apply creative ideas to meet unique patient needs and solve business problems.’” Jim said. “Karla’s work on the insulin MAR at Plano is outstanding and we’re so appreciative of all that you’ve done.”

Megan Veitenheimer, Nurse at LifeCare Home Care in Wichita Falls, Texas, earned the award for OWN It.  “You may remember reading Megan’s heroic story last fall,” Jim said.  “She noticed something seemed off with two of the patients she was caring for. After several attempts to get in touch with the patients, Megan could’ve easily left and gone about her business. But, she OWNed that situation by being accountable. She called first responders who were able to access the patients’ home, where they discovered a serious carbon monoxide leak. If it weren’t for Megan’s actions, there’s really no telling what the outcome for those patients would have been.  Thank you, Megan, for being an advocate for our patients and for never walking past a problem.”
Stars on a star! LifeCare’s “stars” got a private tour of the Dallas Cowboys training facility in Frisco and got to stand right in the middle of the practice field.  
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