Independence Day Reflections

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A Message from Jim Murray, CEO:

In advance of the Fourth of July holiday, I wanted to share my appreciation of all of our associates who come together every day to serve others – whether your role is at the bedside or supporting those who are.

Thank you for creating compassionate care experiences for our patients and their family members, as well as members of our communities and each other. This is part of what makes LifeCare great, and something I’m really proud to witness each day.

For those who are taking time off, I hope you enjoy your time with your loved ones. Have fun and most importantly, stay safe.

For those who will be working on Thursday and throughout the weekend, thank you for being available to make sure our patients still receive seamless, world-class care. I know you are missing time with your own family and friends to care for those who need it most, so please know your work is very much appreciated.

On a side note, we do not have any updates on the financial restructuring process at this time. We anticipate the presentation of the initial bid to the bankruptcy court will take place next week. We’ll keep you posted!

Happy Independence Day!

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