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Andrew Bender, HIM Clerk at LifeCare Hospitals of Pittsburgh, logged more than 2 million steps during our six-week STEP it Up challenge this summer.

How did he do it? What motivated him to get nearly 50,000 steps in each day? The Pulse caught up with him to learn more about how he hit his stride.

Achieving over 2 million steps in a six-week step challenge is quite an accomplishment. Walk me through a day in the life of Andrew – How were you able to average almost 50K steps a day?

I would get up by 5:30am and go straight up to midnight when the Fitbit reset. If a task didn’t require me to sit, I was always on my feet moving.

How did you keep yourself motivated day after day?

I’ve been known to be just a tad competitive. Motivation came from checking the rankings daily and from trying to match or pass the amount of steps from the previous day.

How did you motivate others on your team?

If anything I feel as though they motivated me with all their hard work. I didn’t want to let them down.

What advice would you give someone who didn’t sign up for this challenge but wants to participate in our holiday challenge?

One concern I have from Thanksgiving to New Years is weight gain. The great aspect of having a holiday challenge is everyone is already constantly moving anyway with shopping, decorating, holiday parties and other activities. Participating in the holiday step challenge would make one more consciously aware of diet and exercise. It’s a great way to help set goals and track your progress during the holidays. The more you see yourself doing the better you will feel about yourself.

What/who motivates you to stay healthy?

Age, family medical history and being an asthmatic are definitely big motivators to stay healthy.  I have noticed that the healthier I am, the better I feel.

Do you know how many steps you averaged in a day before the challenge? What got you moving this time?

Depending on the amount of activity I can average 10,000 to 24,000 a day.  What motivated me this time was embracing the spirit of the competition.

Now that this challenge is over, do you plan to keep up with the same workout regimen?

No way! I don’t think my feet could handle it.


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