LifeCare Introduces New Associate Texting Platform

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LifeCare is introducing a new way to stay in touch with associates that has a lot of character(s). Well, 160 to be exact!

Starting in October, LifeCare will text associates on their personal cell phones as needed using a secure, approved phone number with important work-related reminders and updates, including:

  • Upcoming benefits enrollment period
  • News
  • Training and other requirements
  • Urgent operational notifications
  • Spreading cheer

Email, while an important form of communication, is not the only way to effectively reach our associates. We know that a majority of our associates, especially those in the clinical areas, are constantly on the move during the work day – and we understand that email can be difficult to keep up with.  These days nearly everyone has access to a mobile phone with text messaging capability. We all rely on texting as a daily form of communication with our social circles. LifeCare’s new text messaging platform is another method the Employee Communications team can engage with each of you, our associates, to help you stay in the know about real-time, important LifeCare-related information, where you already spend a lot of time every day.

Next steps:

  1. Save this number as LifeCare Text Updates in your personal cell phone: 469-351-7571. This is a secure, approved phone number.
  2. Login to ADP to make sure your cell phone number listed is current and in the correct location. You can verify your information in one of two ways:
    1. MyLifeCare 24/7 – from the dashboard, click on Your Profile and review the information under Personal Info. Under the Contact section, your cell phone number should be under Mobile (Personal Cell Phone or Additional Cell Phone 1). You can access this section by hovering on your name in the upper-right corner of the screen and clicking Profile.
    2. The ADP Mobile App (iOS / Android) – once logged in, click on the three lines at the top left, then Myself, Profile, Personal Info. Under the Contact section, your cell phone number should be under Mobile (Personal Cell Phone or Additional Cell Phone 1).

Important Notes:

  1. Your personal cell phone number will not be shared with other associates. The information is pulled from ADP via and is only visible to the administrators of the texting platform – the LifeCare Employee Communications team.
  2. The messages sent from LifeCare are not spam or a “smishing” campaign. You will never be asked for personal or work-related identification information (i.e. passwords, user names, email addresses, etc.). Please save this number in your contacts so you know it’s not spam, and you don’t miss any important updates: 469-351-7571.
  3. You can reply to a text message with questions or comments. The LifeCare Employee Communications team monitors the inbox. You will not be able to “reply all” to every recipient on the distribution list, so your individual response will only be seen by the texting platform administrators (LifeCare Communications team).
  4. Text messages can be segmented by role (i.e. nurse) and location (i.e. Tahoe Pacific Hospitals). Not every associate will receive every text message, if it isn’t applicable to your role and/or location.
  5. Associates are not expected to read or respond to LifeCare texts during work hours. The text messages are designed to reinforce critical communications sent via email and The Pulse.
  6. The LifeCare Employee Communications team will aim to limit the number of text messages to no more than two per week. We do not want to flood your phones with texts. However, there may be times when we need to send more messages (i.e. benefits enrollment deadline reminders), so please be patient!
  7. You are able to opt out of receiving text messages anytime, by replying “STOP” to the LifeCare texting number. If you decide you’d like to opt back in, you can send a message saying “RESUBSCRIBE.”

We’re looking forward to starting the conversation with you soon!

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