How Nicole Volpe Personalizes It

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Nicole Volpe recently shared with The Pulse how she aims to personalize patient experiences.

A Scheduling Coordinator for Complete Home Care in Boca Raton, Florida for nearly two years, Nicole says she “treats clients like they are people and not just a number.”

She says she actively listens and empathizes with clients and their individual situations.

“It’s important to have a ‘Personalize It’ mentality because people need to feel like they are being heard and taken seriously,” she said.

The value is defined as:

We demonstrate compassion and caring as caregivers while delivering high quality and clinical excellence. We recognize that there is no one size fits all approach to patient care. We seek to understand our patients’ underlying hopes, dreams and aspirations. We create a warm environment that is dedicated to the thoughtful, tailored care of our patients’ physical and emotional needs.

Keep up the great work, Nicole!

How do you Personalize It? Share your thoughts with The Pulse.

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