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For LifeCare Hospitals of Wisconsin’s Michael Aubrey, nursing is a second career.

“I’m extremely thankful to be able to do nursing as a second chapter in the career realm,” he said. “I am focused and appreciate serving others in a way that I never knew was possible.”

Michael, who previously worked in business administration before becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN), enjoys working in the LTACH setting.

“It takes a special team of individuals to truly understand be able to care for our special population,” he explained. “By the time patients and families get to our facility, they are absolutely worn out, aggravated, and quite honestly, scared. Because of this, we have to be spot on with anticipating and adapting to these ever-changing needs. It’s certainly not easy, but is very rewarding.”

Michael has been with LifeCare for about a year. He started as a traveling nurse from Kentucky, landed in Wisconsin and has since made the Badger State home. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Get to know more about Michael.

What is a typical workday like for you?

I work both days and nights at our hospital. Either way, a typical workday consists of going to shift huddle, getting report and then seeing each assigned patient. This is the time where patient needs and statuses get prioritized in order to deliver world-class care. It also allows the shift change to be virtually seamless. Seeing patients as early as possible reinforces the fact that they are not forgotten, nor alone.

What is the biggest challenge of your work?

The biggest challenge at work is definitely striving to meet the needs of all patients, families and other staff members as a whole. We do have internal and external “customers” to serve. I do not want to let any of them down.

What do you enjoy most about working at LifeCare?

As I mentioned before, I love the gratification of having a career that is ever-evolving and changing. There is no workplace boredom, meaning there is always a situation that challenges knowledge and skills.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

When not a work, I am more often than not, completing an assignment for class or studying. I have an incredibly patient family and am lucky to have such a great support system, both at work and home.

How do you strive to live our values?

I try to OWN situations before they own me.  Basically, I try to prevent certain negative situations from occurring or escalating, without passing the buck.  Patients and family members are seeking validation, that their concerns and worries are legitimate.  I RESPECT my career, my patients/family members and my peers.  It involves integrity – doing what is right, even when no one is looking.  I PERSONALIZE IT by offering patient-centered care; care that does not seem robotic.  While following protocol and procedure, I believe it is perfectly acceptable to make each patient feel they are important enough to spend a little extra time with, as permitted by work flow.  Caring for these individuals really is caring for someone’s family.  That really hits home with me.  As a team at LifeCare Hospitals of Wisconsin, we BLUR IT by involving every individual on our team, from EVERY department.  It is a goal and an expectation that we each fulfill our obligation to patients and families by being present in the moment and ensuring that even the simplest question gets answered with dignity and respect being maintained.  We are afforded the opportunity to CREATE IT by being allowed and encouraged to think independently and ultimately as a team.  This is a win-win in that we really can tailor patient care individually while still following best practices and policy/procedure.

As I grow scholastically and skillfully, it is my desire to continue doing what I enjoy and respect within the LifeCare family.  I am in high hopes of continuing to be employed by a company that really does put patients first all the while maintaining a professional and an enjoyable work environment.

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