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For Tiffany Otten, CPhT, Pharmacy Technician at Colorado Acute Long Term Hospital, joining the Go365 wellness program nearly one year ago was a lifestyle choice.

Learn more about her journey to Platinum status and how the program has helped improve her overall well-being.

When did you enroll in the Go365 program?
Nov. 1, 2017

What activities did you do to achieve your current status?
By living in Colorado, I like to take advantage of our outdoor opportunities.  This includes long scenic hikes, and biking on the weekends. When the weather allows, I try to commute to work by riding my bike.  When out on daily errands, I voluntarily park further away from store entrances, allowing me to walk extra.

About how long did it take to complete these activities?
This is a lifestyle choice, so I try to incorporate this in to my everyday life.

Since embarking on your Go365 journey, have you noticed any positive lifestyle changes?
Since choosing a more active lifestyle, I have lost around 25 pounds.  This makes it easier to choose healthier options for food and I notice that I have more energy now.

How do you aim to maintain your personal best every day?
Some days are tougher than others.  My day involves getting adequate sleep, choosing healthier food options, being active during the day when I can, and understanding on the tough days to not be too hard on myself.

What’s your best health and well-being advice?
The journey is not always an easy path.  While many people attempt to lose weight and become more active, it is not an overnight occurrence.  It has taken trial and error and support from family and friends to eventually see progress.  However, while progress may be gradual, just knowing that I am working on self-improvement keeps me motivated.

What advice do you have for your colleagues who might be interested in enrolling in Go365?
My advice is simple: just go for it.  I decided that investing in myself would be a decision that I would not regret.  Furthermore, the prizes and incentives through the Go365 program make it very rewarding and help me to keep working hard during times where I may experience some struggles.

What would you say is the biggest benefit of having a wellness program like Go365 at work?
In addition to the great prizes and benefits through the program, we all have a little competitive side.  It has been fun to compete in step challenges with friends and colleagues at work.  A little bit of bragging rights can help anyone get through a hard day.

What or who inspires you to achieve your best health?  Why?
Primarily, my main motivator is my fiancé.  He works as a surgical PA and can have some long days.  However, he still manages to find time to take care of his health and has been a great motivator.  We have begun lifting weights together and often hike together with our golden retriever, Stella.  We would like to start a family soon and wish to teach our future children about the importance of health and wellness.

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