Telehealth Services Help Bring Care Closer

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Did you know if you or your dependents are enrolled in one of LifeCare’s medical plans, you have access to two telehealth services?

The Cigna Telehealth Connection service helps you get the medical care you need – including most prescriptions – for a wide range of minor conditions, such as sore throat, headaches, stomach aches, fever, cold and flu, allergies, rash, acne, UTIs and more. Through the two Cigna telehealth providers, Amwell and MDLIVE, you can connect with board-certified doctors via secure video chat or phone without leaving your home or office. Most visits cost $42-49, depending on your plan.

Lauren Sparr, who has used the MDLIVE service twice this year, says cost effectiveness and time savings are two major benefits of the telehealth services.

“The first time I used the service, I was out of state so it was a lot faster, cheaper and easier than trying to find a convenience care clinic or urgent care near me,” she said. “It’s an economical way to get a prescription if you have a cold, rash, sore throat, etc. The service is just as thorough as and much more convenient than going and waiting in the doctor’s office for something minor. Who wouldn’t want to do that?!”

Register for one or both of the services so you’ll be ready to use a telehealth service when and where you need it. You can download the apps by searching for “MDLIVE for Cigna” or “Amwell for Cigna” in the Apple or Google Play stores.

NOTES: Availability may vary by state. Telehealth services are only available for minor, non-life-threatening conditions. In an emergency, dial 9-1-1 or go to the nearest hospital.

Stay tuned for communications about the upcoming enrollment period for 2019 benefits, Nov. 1 – 30!

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