Happy Anniversary, BeyondFaith!

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One year ago, BeyondFaith Homecare & Rehab joined the LifeCare family.

With six locations across Texas, BeyondFaith provides a variety of services including skilled nursing, therapy, social services and personal care. Services can be tailored to patients’ individual needs regardless of where the live – at home, in an apartment or retirement center.

Here are some fun facts about BeyondFaith you might not know:

  1. BeyondFaith often gets mistaken for Beyonce if you ever talk to text – Kristie Geist
  2. There is a never a shortage of recommendations of great places to eat! – Chris Roller
  3. In the conference room, there is a “You Are Fabulous” board posted. When I receive emails from clinicians bragging on other clinicians in the field about what they’re doing to go above and beyond, we pin them up for everyone to see. We also read them out loud at our monthly staff meeting — Robin Scheriger, Graham
  4. Every Monday morning at 10 a.m., the Beyond Faith team prays together. Many in the community know this, and they often receive prayer requests – Robin Scheriger, Graham
  5. We have amazing Christmas parties! Our employees are the most important! They are what makes our company who it is. – Misty Fry, Abilene
  6. When BeyondFaith is stated on the phone people think we are saying “Beyonce”, so we are pretty hip! – Joy Crumpler, Area Administrator – West Region
  7. We were the first BeyondFaith location to open and have been around since 2003! – Sherri Winters, Interim Director and Disaster Coordinator, BeyondFaith Garland/Plano
  8. They really live up to their name of BeyondFaith because they are always ready to pay “Full Attention in Time of Help” to their fellow coworker or patient! – Jennifer Jones, Human Resources Business Partner

“The BeyondFaith team is remarkable – they give their best to take care of people in need,” said Kristie Geist, M.B.A., C.P.A., President of the Home Health Division at LifeCare. “An acquisition is tough, no matter the circumstances, but this team has had great attitudes. I am so grateful to each and every one of them who have stuck with us and powered through all of the changes this first year. You are rock stars!”

Chris Roller, R.N., B.B.A., Regional CEO of Home Health, Texas, is looking forward to the growth opportunities over the next few years. “The opportunities may be disguised as hard work and focused effort, but they can and will be rewarding for those who choose to take them,” he said. “I am so proud of those team members who have seen the bigger picture and grabbed on to the vision that we have for the future of home health at LifeCare.”

He adds, “Thank you for your effort, your willingness to adapt, and your ability to see the future. Thank you for the amazing hearts that you all have to care for others. And, thank you for welcoming this Louisiana boy into the family!’

Joy Crumpler, R.N., who is the Area Administrator for the West Region says BeyondFaith, joining with LifeCare, is “a family that cares about their patients and employees. There are no words to explain how full my heart is.”

 BeyondFaith Abilene

“I love the support from all of the different people in the different areas of LifeCare,” said Misty Fry, R.N., WCC, Administrator. “It is great to have a team of amazing and caring people in your corner. We all have the same goal in mind — to take care of and love our patients to the very best of our ability and to go above and beyond the call of duty.”

BeyondFaith Aledo
“It’s exciting to watch our Home Health agencies become one, unified across the board,” said Beth Scott, R.N., Administrator. “Our individual gifts and talents will make us stronger together! We will be known by the care we give on every level.”




BeyondFaith Garland
“I am so proud that we all work so well together,” said Sherri Winters, R.N., Interim Director. “We are a family. We are growing and becoming even better than before. It’s exciting!”



BeyondFaith Graham

“From the beginning of the transition, LifeCare has welcomed BeyondFaith with open arms,” said Robin Scheriger, R.N., Administrator. “Sure, there have been a few bumps in the road, but as soon as they were noticed, there was a road crew to fix them! I look forward to being part of something great! I think the LifeCare family is growing and it is so exciting to be a part of.”

BeyondFaith Lubbock

“I became a nurse because I enjoy taking care of people, and one of my favorite things about working with the LifeCare family is that I am able to take care of others on a daily basis — whether it be patients or clinicians,” said Veronica “Ronyee” Esqueda, R.N., Administrator. “I look forward to the growth of our agency, which will expand our opportunity to improve the quality of life and health of all those who we serve within our community.”


BeyondFaith Wichita Falls

“BeyondFatih means family to me,” said Amber Marsh, R.N., Administrator. “We all take the best care of our patients and each other. Change is definitely not easy, but we all love what we do and we love our patients. It’s been exciting to get to know everyone from LifeCare. I’m excited for what’s to come!”

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