LifeCare Hospitals of Plano Celebrates Three “Lifers”

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When you think of the 1980s, several “totally awesome” trends might come to mind. Big hair and neon colored clothing. Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign. Cabbage Patch Dolls and Rubix cubes flying off the shelves.

Also during the decade, three LifeCare “lifers” began their more than 30-year careers caring for patients.

As a result of several company mergers and acquisitions, Rodney Thomas, Ross Taylor and Linda Anderson became LifeCare associates in 1998. They work at LifeCare Hospitals of Plano. Here are some fun facts about each of these lifers:

Rodney Thomas, Director of Pharmacy:

  • Started Aug. 10, 1982
  • An avid bird watcher, leads bi-monthly bird walks and provides Cornell University with any unusual sightings and/or findings.
  • Vice President of the Native Plant Society of Collin County
  • When asked what about LifeCare has kept him here for so long, Rodney stated, “I enjoyed the people who worked here and would frequently socialize outside the office with some of the LifeCare executive team.”
  • When asked what he likes most about LifeCare, Rodney stated, “I still like the people I work with and I have worked with our CEO since 1998.”

Linda Anderson, Cook:

  • Started Aug. 9, 1982
  • Married and has a 43-year-old son, five grandchildren and six great grandchildren
  • Loves to fish
  • When asked what about LifeCare has kept her here for so long, Linda stated, “I like working for LifeCare. I like the people and the supervisors I’ve had.”

Ross Taylor, Physical Therapist:

  • Started Nov. 9, 1987
  • Married with two boys, ages 20 and 22
  • Passionate about basketball
  • When asked what about LifeCare has kept him here for so long, Ross stated, “I am a creature of habit and I like stability. When I worked for AMI, it had an orthopedic focus. Being part of LifeCare allowed me to increase my skill level, as it has a diverse patient population.”
  • When asked what he likes most about LifeCare, Ross stated, “I have confidence in the leadership team and the people who drive the business and a lot of the employees in my department have been here for 10 or more years.”

Congratulations to Rodney, Linda and Ross on reaching these milestone anniversaries. Thank you for your service and your continued dedication to our patients and LifeCare’s mission, vision and values.

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