What do our values mean to you?

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At LifeCare, our values encompass who we are as an organization. They serve as a guide to how we operate with one another and the patients we care for each day. But what do they mean to you, our associates?

Over the next few months, we will be interviewing associates from all areas of the organization to understand what each value means to them, how it impacts our business and why it’s so important. The focus for this update is Respect it.

Respect it: We are inclusive. We embrace the unique backgrounds, expertise and perspectives of our colleagues and patients.  We trust and support one another.  We value and embrace multiple points of view.  We believe that every person’s role is vital to the success of our movement.

What does Respect it mean to you?

To me, respect means you value someone else’s thoughts, opinions and wishes, and that you actively seek to receive feedback from them.  I demonstrate Respect at LifeCare by making sure my patients have an active role in their recovery. They help to set their own goals while I provide direction and encouragement.Ebony Jones, Director of Phys Med & Rehab

Treating each and every patient as if they were our own family member.Stephanie Altick, RN

How do you Respect it each day?

I start by treating everyone as a human being and that everyone has worth. I try to get to know each patient, their habits, their professions, their lives so that I may tailor my service to each individual’s needs. I also laugh, cry, pray, and hold their hands during the times when no one else is there. George Phillips, PCT

Why is it important to have a Respect it mentality?

At LifeCare, we are inclusive not only with our patients and their families but also with the medical team and office staff. We learn to embrace and even value multiple points of view and are not threatened, making every one of us a vital/important component to the success of our patients and LifeCare.Mern Nichols, Clinical Coordinator

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