North Carolina OWNs it with facility recognition

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At LifeCare, our associates go above and beyond to create exceptional experiences for our patients and one another. To showcase those who go above and beyond to help a coworker or provide outstanding customer service, North Carolina is replacing its Phenomenal Spirits Awards with the Values Recognition program.

This month, the facility is celebrating OWN it. Congratulations to the following associates recognized for their efforts.

Thanks to Christine Pittman, Michelle Bass, Pam Rich, Yvette Lucas and Tiffany Frazier for working extra shifts to cover the pharmacy and ensure our patients and staff have what they need! Way to OWN IT, Pharmacy Girls!

Marketing Specialist Tom Andolsek owned it by taking a patient’s belongings to Pruitt in Durham. Way to OWN IT, Tom!

Peaches Staton, RN, paid for a patient to get breakfast before the patient’s doctor’s appointment. Way to OWN IT, Peaches!

Pam Braddy, Floyd Hunter and Dari Immediato cleaned the little supply room, ante room in 217 and the shower room. They are sparkling! Way to OWN IT, Environmental Services Staff!

Gaynelle Riggs, LPN, NEVER thinks anything is not her job. She searched and found a bedside commode for a patient in the unit. Way to OWN IT.

Stephanie Sharp, Diana Tyson and Casey Pierce worked it out so that we could get two additional admits last Thursday. Great teamwork OWNing IT, Stephanie, Diana, and Casey!

Jennifer Parrish has agreed to take the Dysrhythmia Course at Nash so she can help cover for the MTs. Way to OWN IT, Jennifer!

Melissa Nye, HIM Manager, did an awesome job covering and helping with CDI when Madylin first retired. Way to OWN IT, Melissa!

Youlanda Logan stepped in as the Interim Pharmacy Director without question and NAILED it. Thanks for OWNING IT by accepting the Pharmacy Director position permanently. Way to OWN IT, Youlanda!

Casey Pierce, RN, stepped in and made a new pharmacy book when the other one was lost AND for giving his own phone charger to a patient. Way to DOUBLE OWN IT, Casey!

Madylin Avent, our retired CDI Specialist, has come in to help orient Renee Sorgi, our new CDI Specialist and still helps us out from home. Way to OWN IT, Madylin!

Crystal Thorpe, RN, was acknowledged by three patients for giving phenomenal care to them. Way to OWN IT, Crystal!

Thanks to Konjeta Benjamin for rescheduling a difficult appointment for a patient. Way to OWN IT, Konjeta!

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