What do our values mean to you?

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At LifeCare, our values encompass who we are as an organization. They serve as a guide to how we operate with one another and the patients we care for each day. But what do they mean to you, our associates?

Over the next few months, we will be interviewing associates from all areas of the organization to understand what each value means to them, how it impacts our business and why it’s so important. The focus for this update is Own it.

Own it: We own and are accountable for the patient experience, clinical excellence, and business execution. We do what we say we are going to do. We never walk past a problem, a patient, or a colleague in need.  We operate with integrity in a professional environment.  We think and act like owners of the business and like good stewards of the community.

What does Own it mean to you?

The Own it mentality must be present in every associate to ensure all aspects of care are delivered in an efficient and effective manner. Each department impacts each other and working together collaboratively is the only key to success.  – Leigh Storey, Chief Nursing Officer

Own It means tackling issues and solving problems with a positive attitude, being dependable, trustworthy, taking full responsibility for my actions.  – Lori Hamilton, Administrative Assistant

The Own it mentality holds us accountable, not only to our executive management team, but to ourselves on a personal level. It provides the drive to want anything and everything  we touch to be a success. Brad Burns, RN.

As a LifeCare associate supporting patient care and services, I own the patient experience and my contribution. This requires me to listen without bias, communicate with an open and honest delivery, and to engage those around me in creating meaningful moments that will comprise a meaningful experience.  CJ Hutton, Director of Quality Management

Own It means taking responsibility for who I am and what I represent, what I say and do, and how I communicate to others, in the most caring and compassionate ways possible.  It means listening attentively and thoroughly, at times deeply, as patients share their thoughts/feelings and perspective. Nancy Rued, Activities Clinician

Why is it important to have an Own it mentality?

Having an Own it mentality is an important part of our culture and builds a strong sense of community and engagement. I feel like associates who have pride in their work provide exceptional care. They know that their work makes a difference and they believe that the care they provide each and every day will truly make a difference in their patient’s life. Lesley Holly, Nurse Manager

Owning it requires self-confidence, taking responsibility for our actions and acknowledging the impact on others.  There is power in acknowledging both our mistakes and successes.  – Tom Andolsek, Market Specialist

If we do not hold ourselves accountable and take pride in what we do, our outcomes will likely be subpar – and nobody wants subpar healthcare. Owning it is taking the initiative to be successful. We must go above and beyond to provide the best customer service and world-class care to our patients and their family. Veronica Cochran, Business Office Manager.

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