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Take the stairs. Keep your blood pressure in check. Eat more salads. There a lot of things you can do to get/stay healthy ā€“ and the healthier you are, the more points you earn with Go365.

You can earn points by participating in a variety of activities focused on education, prevention, healthy living and fitness. The more Go365 activities you complete, the more points you earn and the higher status you achieve. Need a few ideas of how to earn points? Get started by completing some of the following activities:

  • Biometric screening
  • Health assessment
  • Get a flu shot
  • Daily fitness activities/workout
  • Sync a fitness device
  • Compete in a company-sponsored event
  • Complete a vision or dental exam
  • Participate in an athletic event
  • Coaching

Announcing our HA winners!

A quick and easy way for you to bump your status from Blue to Bronze is to complete your health assessment (HA). Completing your HA is an important step and must be repeated every year to fully take advantage of Go365.

Congratulations to the following associates for completing their HA by March 31 and winning our Go365 gift card drawing:

  • Evan Ganley
  • Capre Yates
  • Eric Medaris
  • Tami Foster
  • Norma Reta

As a reminder, Go365 is only available for associates enrolled in our medical plan.

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