Supply Chain partners with field to deliver a winning solution

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To create a consistent experience at each facility and cut down on costs, we use many of the same supplies throughout the organization, including gloves. A new pair of gloves is required every time a member of our clinical team enters a patient’s room; and depending on the patient’s needs, the care giver might go through several pairs in one interaction, creating extra costs and headache.

“The clinical teams began to voice concern regarding the blended exam gloves – a type of glove that blends various materials, providing a level of protection at a fraction of the cost,” says Kyle Josey, Director of Supply Chain. In addition to blended gloves, nitrile gloves are also stocked at each facility but are only to be used in specific circumstances due to the high cost difference. “These gloves provide better protection by allowing stretch without tear, allow for a better feel of the patient’s pulse and are hypoallergenic, which reduces skin irritation to staff.”

After assessing their concerns, the Supply Chain team decided to Create It by finding a solution that made sense financially and provided the facility staff with the supplies they need to deliver great care. “We used this opportunity to revisit our pricing of our nitrile gloves and negotiate aggressive rates with minimal financial impact,” says Josey.

The response to this switch has been very positive. “Changing to the highest-quality glove was an excellent example of LifeCare showing their commitment to delivering world-class quality care,” says Bonnie Barclay, CNO of Chester County. “Our caretakers now have the right tools necessary to complete their job and provider the best care to their patients.”

This is a great example of our teams working together and bluring it. “This is a big win for all and reiterates that we (LMS) are truly a support center for the field,” says Josey. “It is our objective to ensure their feedback is heard loud and clear so they can continue to deliver superior care to each patient.”

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