Quality rollouts new, electronic reporting program in Tenaya

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Operating with efficiency is key to delivering world-class quality care. In an effort to streamline our processes and drive quality improvement in the facilities, LifeCare is piloting MIDAS – a quality improvement and monitoring software – starting later this month at our Tenaya location.

At this time, most of our complaint and incident reports are documented manually and on paper; but with this new platform, all reporting will be recorded electronically. “Thanks to MIDAS, associates can quickly document incident reports as well as patient compliments and complaints through a web-based platform,” says William Cooksey, Corporate Director of Quality Reporting. “The system immediately alerts leaders and tracks/trends events, allowing LifeCare to continually improve patient care.”

The system’s capabilities include electronic incident reporting, complaints and grievance management, infection control monitoring/reporting, physician reporting and more. “MIDAS integrates PC, web and email technologies that allow LifeCare to quickly detect, report and act upon critical data,” he adds. As part of the initial rollout, we will pilot the incident report and compliant management components of the system.

How will this impact the day-to-day of our clinical staff? “The biggest impact to our associates will be the reduced use of paper,” says Cooksey. “When reports are created, both clinical and non-clinical staff will use MIDAS instead of our old pink and purple sheets. Facility leadership will then log into the system to record their investigations, findings and outcomes – all electronically.” While electronic submission is encouraged, paper forms will be available for downtime procedures.

Next steps in the rollout are already underway, with first phase completion scheduled for mid-summer. “We are already discussing next-site rollouts, with facilities in our eastern region likely to follow Tenaya’s successful launch,” says Cooksey.

Look for more information about MIDAS and the rollout schedule in future editions of The Pulse.

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