Creative Solutions unveils new project management platform – Robohead

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Ever feel like you submit a request with the Creative Solutions team and are left wondering the status of your project? Fear no more – you asked for it and Creative Solutions is here to deliver!

The team is excited to announce the roll out of RoboHead. The new project management tool provides the owner with status updates at any given time, including when projects are in queue, under review or completed.

“RoboHead ensures you know exactly where the team stands in fulfilling your request at all times. It allows for better visibility, accountability and communication among the Creative Team,” says Jen Moeller, Business Development Consultant.

Introduced one week ago, RoboHead already has more than 36 active projects, two campaigns and 16 completed projects recorded in the tool.

Moving forward, all Creative Solutions requests must be submitted through RoboHead. Don’t have an account? Click here to sign up then select First time requesting a project? Create an account here. In less than a minute you’ve granted yourself full access to start requesting, tracking and approving projects. Learn more by watching this video – Requesting Projects – from the team at RoboHead.

Contact the Creative Solutions team via email if you need help or have additional questions.

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