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America Saves Week is Feb. 26 through March 3. Started in 2007 and coordinated by America Saves and the American Savings Education Council, America Saves Week is designated to promoting good savings behavior by providing useful savings tools, ideas and resources.

Are you enrolled in our 401(k) plan? If not, we encourage you to enroll and start saving today. Unlike our annual enrollment window, associates can enroll or increase contributions year round. View your benefits guide for more information.

Don’t forget – It’s never too late to start saving for your future. Review the following saving strategies and themes for each day during America Saves Week:

Monday, February 26: Save with a plan

Savers with a plan can be twice as likely to save successfully for things like retirement and education. Start your savings habit by creating a simple savings plan and taking the America Saves Pledge.

Tuesday, February 27: Save the easy way… Automatically

It can be hard to put aside money for savings, but there is an easy way to save money by making your savings automatic in 2018. Already saving automatically? Find ways to automate other aspects of your financial life this year.

Wednesday, February 28: Save for rainy days

A rainy-day fund consists of a small amount of money in a savings account separate from your checking that is not easy to access. Saving for this fund starts with small, regularly-scheduled contributions that build up over time.

Thursday, March 1: Save to retire

Saving now will ensure you have enough money to live comfortably when you retire or reduce the amount of hours you work. Participate in a work-related retirement program such as a 401(k) or open an Individual Retirement Account (or IRA). Already saving for retirement? Increase the amount by 1 percent.

Friday, March 2: Save the extra

We’re more likely to save a windfall than a small amount consistently over a long period of time. Hack that psychology by saving your bonuses, raises and tax refunds.

Saturday, March 3: Save as a family

Good savings habits start at home. Whether you’re budgeting, saving, making retirement decisions, or assessing workplace benefits, share the choices you make with your children, no matter their age.

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