Clinical Operations pilots new leadership development program

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For us to personalize every experience for our patients in the facility and home, we must demonstrate compassion and care while delivering high quality and clinical excellence. It’s just as important for our clinical leadership to demonstrate this with their team.

To continually improve the leadership, business management and interpersonal skills of our nurse leadership, LifeCare is piloting a new, instructor-led leadership development program provided to us by the Catalyst Learning Company. Catalyst’s NCharge curriculum is designed to improve job performance, increase engagement/retention and instill leadership skills with our nurse leadership at all levels. The NCharge curriculum features five modules, two of which are being piloted currently, including supervisory skills and critical thinking skills.

“We introduced this new program at several of our facilities as part of a pilot to determine whether the program fits into our company’s future leadership development, and overall it’s been very well received,” says Twila Loudder, Vice President of Clinical Operations. “It has the ability to provide our nurse leaders with role clarity and the necessary leadership, communication, and decision-making skills to lead a team, resulting in a collaborative environment for our floor associates.”

For CNO Bonnie Barclay of our Chester County facility, it helped her better understand the communication styles of her front-line supervisors. “I can choose projects that best fit their strengths, which will produce better and faster results when they feel enthusiastic and supported by the CNO,” she says. “We can be more effective as a team when we understand one another.”

The program is scheduled to pilot in additional facilities over the next few months.

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