Let’s GO big in 2018 with Go365

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As an organization, we have many goals for 2018, including an increased focus health and well-being in the workplace. Here to assist us with this resolution is Go365! Our goal is to engage our people by driving a happier, healthier, more productive associate population.

Next year will be big for LifeCare and Go365! We are hosting a step competition and other challenges, encouraging you to complete your biometric screenings, distributing monthly communications, recognizing well-being journeys, facility events and more. In addition to these, you will also be encouraged to participate in activities in Go365 to earn points.

For the program to be successful for you, it’s important to complete your health assessment (hopefully you’ve done so already to receive the wellness incentive for 2018) and undergo a biometric screening. Information from these two will help create a customized experience for you, including:

  • Go365 age, which provides an easy-to-understand view of your overall health
  • Personalized goal recommendations to make setting goals achievable
  • Earning points in four areas: Education, Prevention, Health Living and Fitness
  • Health coaching to help you reach your goals and earn points through activities

Continue to look for more information about Go365 and LifeCare’s wellness activities on The Pulse.

As a reminder, Go365 is only available for associates enrolled in our medical plan.

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