Fort Worth spreads kindness – One act at a time

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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. This sentiment is clear when you walk the halls of  our Fort Worth, Texas hospital. To spread kindness throughout the facility, CEO Anis Sabeti started the Acts of Kindness initiative for his team.

“I am from the small island of Guam. Although we have the best beaches and clearest water in the world, tourists from Japan still choose Hawaii over Guam when vacationing,” says Sabeti. “Why do they choose Hawaii over Guam? It’s because Hawaiians are fundamentally more welcoming to visitors – they are kinder.”

Sabeti decided to emulate this within his facility by asking every leader to show one act of kindness to a coworker and a patient. “The principal behind Guam and Hawaii stand true in our market.  Our patients and their families have a choice, and they will choose great care from people who care greatly every time,” he says.

For Admission Representative Stefanie Gadsden, Acts of Kindness is about staying connected.  “We had a patient who didn’t get any visitors and had dementia. For my Act of Kindness, I visited his room, held his hand and talked to him as if I knew him my whole life – and he smiled at me,” she says. “That was one of my best days here at LifeCare.”

It’s easy to get caught up in our personal lives or stress at work and become disconnected, Gadsden adds. “The Acts of Kindness activity brings us together and strengthens us as a team.”

So whether it’s a welcoming smile, a kind gesture or a helping hand, the Fort Worth facility is spreading kindness that can be felt as soon as you walk through the doors.

“I believe every act of kindness is a step toward a change in our culture. I can firmly say that when doctors, families and our coworkers walk our facility, they can sense something different, something better, because of the efforts made by the Fort Worth team,” says Sabeti.

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  1. It is in all of us to be kind, its just that we forget to show it at times, It is a great tool for all people, and it brings great results. Good Job Anis- wish I were there.

    Angie Zezza
    Supply Chain Tech
    Lifecare-hospitals of Pittsburgh- Main Campus

  2. It’s definitely uplifting to show kindness to someone and see how a small simple act can make a difference…It makes the giver feel good as well.

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