EMR successfully launches in San Antonio

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After months of hard work and collaboration across multiple business lines, Information Systems (IS) is excited to announce the successful launch of our new electronic medical record (EMR) system in San Antonio. The facility went live with the technology Oct. 23.

EMR is a digital version of patient paper charts, providing real-time, secured records to help our clinical staff better manage our patients. The system includes the following modules:

  • Nursing, physician and therapy order entry and documentation
  • eMar (electronic medication administration)
  • Nursing assessments and care plans
  • Pharmacy interventions and Adverse Drug Event reporting
  • Revenue Cycle – ADT, billing, and collections

So what does this mean for our clinical staff? “All patient information is electronic and available from any authorized device,” says Chief Information Officer Mike Wattenbarger. “No more hunting or waiting for access to paper charts.”

In addition to the ease this creates for our clinical team, having an effective EMR is a great recruitment tool for us to attract physicians/new talent, gives us a competitive advantage, assists with quality reporting requirements and more.

With the successful roll out in San Antonio, IS will be implementing the rest of our facilities (excluding home health) through early 2019. The team is using a “gold standard” template to achieve standardization and each facility will go live with all clinical and revenue cycle modules simultaneously.

“Thank you to our San Antonio and IS team for all their hard work in making this roll out a success,” says Wattenbarger.

Look for more information about this project on The Pulse.

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